Sunday, May 22, 2011

Buried (but not valuable) treasure -- Yamaha-S90ES, Roland XV-5050

Cleaning up my hard drive, I found these musical experiments I'd made in the past. I may have posted them when I originally made them, but the links would be long-broken. This may be of interest if you want to hear the very good piano sound on the Yamaha S-90ES.

Piano (mostly Natural S from Yamaha S90ES)

Piano plus accompaniment (mostly from S90ES, may contain some Roland XV-5050 parts)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A rainy day; things that thrive in a rainy garden; plus Steven Wilson

It's another rainy day today, and it has been a rather cool spring so far.

Still, some garden life obviously enjoys it immensely, as you can see below.

The sorrel seems to love it:

And so do the chives:

The cedars I planted last year obviously like it and are in need of a prune. I did some top-heavy pruning in early spring so decided to give them a chance to recover from that before doing the rest:

The sage also seems fine. The brown bits are last year's sage. The new growth is already well underway:

And the thyme seems to like its spot nestled under the other cedars:

Yesterday, I bought Steven Wilson's "Insurgentes" CD. He is English, and it is perfect music for this weather that can only be made by someone from that rainy and grey little island:

But I'm not saying he has Morrissey's "Everyday Like Sunday" beat in this regard:

But there's chili in the oven, so it's all tolerable.