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Generally Recognized As True: Crate Designs review: good post-purchase support

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Crate Designs review: good post-purchase support

I wrote a bit about Crate Designs not too long ago. The furniture I bought from them arrived a couple of weeks ago but was parked in the living room for a week or so because the room it was destined for wasn't ready to receive it.

It's very nice furniture and is of high quality but, unfortunately, when I took the protective plastic that was holding the drawers and glass doors closed on a credenza unit, I noticed a big crack bisecting one of the glass panes. I asked the company about it, thinking I might be able to go and pick up a replacement glass pane from their store or something like that but, to my surprise, they actually came to my house today and installed a new pane!

This company has a lot of things going for it. It makes nice, solid furniture that seems to look better with age, it's made locally, the salespeople know the furniture very well, and they always seem to deliver when they say they will and, in this case, went well beyond my expectations.

So, I think it's worth posting this just so that others know about them. I've had two furniture orders with them now and everything has gone perfectly both times.

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Anonymous said...

We purchased a very expensive double-over-double bunkbed from Crate Designs a few years ago for our girls, within the first year the wooden slats had warped so badly that it pulled the screws through. I personally find this furniture to be of relatively poor design and build quality, and extremely overpriced. I feel like I was suckered when we bought this product.

DP - London, ON CANADA

mattbg said...

DP, on the pieces I've bought, I've found the quality to be solid. I did buy a bed from them some years back and it's been good so far.

I do question some of the decisions with their newer furniture, though... in the media unit I mentioned in my post, the glass cracked. They replaced it but, since then, another, smaller crack has formed in the glass. It hasn't been mistreated in any way -- it just seems poorly designed.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a bed frame, dresser and computer table this spring. Four months later, the furniture continues to stink with the off-gas from the oil they used. I haven't been able to sleep without having the windows open because of the headaches by morning. Never again would I buy from them.

mattbg said...

Anon, that didn't happen to me... it's not the smell of wood, right? :)