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Generally Recognized As True: Wild blackberries from the garden

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wild blackberries from the garden

In the back, I've got a native wild blackberry bush that's quite prolific, even when you cut it down to the ground every autumn. In the trail across from me, I've seen these same blackberry bushes in the wild as well as some wild raspberry bushes.

This is the first picking, probably with two or three left to go.

[ update: a few days later, another bowl ]


twyla said...

Hi Matt! My husband and I are newbies to Ontario (we live in Sarnia) and we are looking for advice on where to pick wild blueberries as we used to pick them by the bucketloads on Hampstead Heath in London...of all places! Are you saying we may have some success finding them in Georgetown? Many thanks, TWYLA

mattbg said...

Twyla, I haven't seen any in Georgetown or anywhere in this area, actually! I have seen them from time to time when camping in Central Ontario, but I can't remember where exactly I saw them... but it's normally in rocky areas near a woodland edge. I think I last saw them in Grundy Lake Provincial Park. But... that's a long way to go unless yo like hiking and camping. When in season, you can buy frozen wild blueberries quite cheaply if you can find somewhere that sells them. MacMillan's in Acton is one ( )