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Generally Recognized As True: (not much of a) Garden update: September 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

(not much of a) Garden update: September 2009

Well, the tomatoes were doing well until they came down with the blight that so many other tomato growers have had problem with this year, due to the damp weather that makes it easy for the fungus to grow and the violent thunderstorms that help the spores spread through the air.

At the moment, there's about 1 good tomato for every 15. Up until a few weeks ago, everything looked very healthy and every tomato on the vine could be picked, so it came on quite suddenly.

I also found three carrots. I'd left my carrots for dead because I thought they'd all been eaten, but three of them made it. Makes me wonder: if the animals don't want them, why do I? But, they tasted OK.

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