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Generally Recognized As True: Forget what I said about Tori Amos and "Midwinter Graces"

Friday, November 06, 2009

Forget what I said about Tori Amos and "Midwinter Graces"

Forget what I said about not buying this album. I have had a chance to preview it and it is actually very good and I will be buying it.

I was also wrong about it sounding as if it came from the same session as "Abnormally Attracted To Sin". I had only heard a very brief preview before, but having heard it in greater length it sounds quite different: the piano is back in front in a few songs, and there are a few of those piano textures that stick in my mind long after I've finished listening to the song. There is nothing raunchy here and it is quite a warm-sounding album.

But despite efforts to make it appear otherwise, it is clearly a Christmas album, though mostly an agnostic one. One thing I appreciate most about it is that she messes with some of the familiar twists and turns of the traditional Christmas songs that are included. This prevents it from being predictable and also from becoming quickly annoying. For this reason, you would be able to hear elevator Christmas music in discount department stores all season and still be able to come home and listen to this album.

She also adds some original songs that don't break at all with the character of the traditional songs. It's a very even album and uncharacteristically restrained -- she does not normally select songs so carefully. This also makes it a rather short album in comparison to most of her recent work.

If I had to compare it to her previous albums, I'd say it has the most in common with "Scarlet's Walk".

So, it comes out on November 10 and if you have any interest in her work then you should probably buy it.

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