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Generally Recognized As True: Pumpkin soup

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkin soup

Now that all but one of my pumpkins have been harvested, I turned two of them into pumpkin soup:

It's not the most eloquent presentation, but you get the point :)

The recipe was a good one, and I got it from Anne Sheasby's "The New Book of Soups", which is probably the best soup book I own. I originally borrowed this book from the library but there were so many recipes I wanted to make note of that I thought I should buy it.

I doubled the recipe given in the book and ended up with a stock pot full of soup, which left me with about 6-7 servings for the freezer!

So that leaves 3 pumpkins left.


richard said...

I make a curried squash soup. I tihnk I got the recipe off the LCBO site. It calls for apples, but Sofia doesn't think sweet should mix with salty - so I omit it. The kids like it either way.

mattbg said...

It does sound good. Anything spicy goes well with pumpkin, I think. Rice goes well with it, too...

Sweet/salty can be done wrong, but if you look at candies like Werther's Original, and liquorice... those are two examples of salted sweet things that work. Kettle corn is another one...

ace said...

woooooooooow, matt, THIS LOOKS AMAZING! and richard, the curried 1 sounds great too!!! i could something like this right now. it's cold.