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Generally Recognized As True: Toward the 100-mile pizza

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Toward the 100-mile pizza

Since I'm on holiday this week and can afford to spend more than an hour making lunch, I made pizza with as many local ingredients as I could.

Obviously, I named this post after the "100-mile diet" idea. This pizza isn't all that near being made from entirely local ingredients, but it's going in that direction:
  • bread flour: 400g Bob's Red Mill bread flour, which is probably from the US
  • semolina flour: 100g semolina flour, and I don't know where this came from
  • other dough ingredients: yeast, salt, olive oil, water. The yeast may be made locally and the water came from my tap, but the rest aren't local
  • Balderson cheddar cheese: I think this is made in Winchester, Ontario, which is 450km away
  • fresh mozzarella cheese: this is made in Toronto, so can be considered "local"

Not doing too well so far, but it gets better after this:

  • tomato sauce: the olive oil obviously isn't from here, but the basil is from my backyard and the tomatoes I used to make it are a combination of Whole Circle Farm CSA tomatoes (20km away) and tomatoes from my own garden. The garlic was also from the CSA, but the salt and pepper were likely not even from North America.
  • mushrooms: Ontario mushrooms, so probably local since you grow them indoors
  • zucchini: local (from the Whole Circle Farm CSA)
  • swiss chard: also from the CSA
  • tomatoes: from my garden

So, could this be a locally-made pizza? Mostly, I think it could. The parts that couldn't be are the pepper and olive oil. Cheese can be made anywhere; salt could probably be produced locally; wheat is grown in Ontario, although I'm not sure about semolina flour (but this is an optional ingredient and could be replaced with wheat flour).

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