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Generally Recognized As True: Vegetable garden update, mid-August 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vegetable garden update, mid-August 2008

Pole beans. These are all being grown in half whiskey barrels filled with regular garden soil and a bit of my own compost. The last picture in the bean set is an in-ground experiment that hasn't produced any beans yet. The soil used there was some soil I had delivered this year. I think it needs more organic matter added to it, so I'll add a fair amount of my compost to all of these beds next year.

Various tomato varieties. We've had a lot of rain this year, and enough sun (although we could probably have done with a bit more). For these tomatoes, I dug a trench following a trellised suntrap and filled it with garden soil, manure, my own compost, and peat moss. I mulched it with cedar mulch. I haven't used any fertilizers. I've had to water it about 5 times this year because we've had rain almost every other day.

Today's harvest: a yellow tomato variety, a couple of medium-sized red tomatoes, and a couple of handfuls of a small tomato variety.

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TopVeg said...


mattbg said...

Thanks :)

Chuck Bartok said...

Great photos. Some day I need to get a good camera.

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Keep up the good work and enjoy!

mattbg said...

Thanks, Chuck. The camera is not anything special, really. It's a Kodak DC4800 -- 3 megapixel and about 7 years old. I've just had it long enough to know what to expect from it and how it behaves :)