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Generally Recognized As True: Garden update : August 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garden update : August 2010

Well, it's the time of year when the garden is in full bloom. Since I normally post a garden update every year, why should this year be any different?

First, the bean and tomato jungle:

What happened here was that I planted beans in some of my garden beds and a bunch of tomatoes self-seeded from last year's terrible tomato season (when a lot of tomatoes fell to the ground prematurely) and the tomato plants grew in between the bean plants. It'll be a challenge to pick, but they seem to complement each other nicely:

Next is corn. This was an experiment, since I've never planted it before. Some stalks are doing better than others and I'm not sure if any of them will produce large corn cobs. I didn't use any fertilizer, but it was good weather for corn -- hot and humid all summer -- if not for people:

And here we have a cucumber growing in a tree. Of course, cucumbers don't grow on trees. But the cucumber vine climbed the tree and it definitely looks that way!

Although the red tomatoes indicate to the contrary, the health of the plants doesn't. My tomatoes did poorly this year. It looks like an infection of some kind, but some of the smaller plants were eaten through by insects. I don't really have any excuses because I don't think it was a bad year for tomatoes:

The hardest work of the year was planting this hedge row of cedars, which are doing very well as far as I can tell:

Oregano interspersed with weeds:

The patio, which I also finished off this year -- surrounded with cedars, planted annuals, and mulched around the edges:

One of three or four pumpkins I've spotted in the undergrowth so far:

Pumpkins 2 and 3:

Raspberry (a new plant this year):

And a zucchini or squash -- not sure yet. I've only found one so far, but most of my squash plants were eaten by something when they were very young. Only one survived. Since I had planted both squash and pumpkin and they look very similar, I wasn't sure whether the squash or pumpkin had survived. It turned out to be the pumpkins.

Well, that's it for another year!


Rob said...

Woe - good for you Matt - we had to put in a new septic and lost our veggie garden - so you are my vicarious garden now

mattbg said...

Thanks Rob. It's not as tidy as I would like it, but much better than years past.

rose gold said...

Great garden! All of your plants are really getting well except for your tomatoes. I am sad about that. My tomatoes are surviving the total heat and I hope that I can harvest at least for the last time. I love your cedar plants near your fences.

Melanie Giant said...

Oh. The garden looks good! Seems like the garden is not affected by the extreme weather we are having. LOL. Actually, my garden is having a little problem coping with the weather. In fact, my tomatoes are starting to decline but the peppers are doing very well. Thanks for sharing this post by the way. I would love to see the updates for those pumpkins. LOL

mattbg said...

Melanie, I just posted a pumpkin update today!

Not sure what killed my tomatoes -- either disease or underwatering is my guess. I don't like to water them more than necessary because of flavour. And when they were dying, the soil was not too dry.

Glad to hear you got some peppers out of the season. It does seem like good weather for that type of thing. Basil, too, but unfortunately I forgot to plant some this year.

isabella centerpiece said...

My tomatoes and my pumpkins have also been tangled from each other vines. They also seem to enjoy each other company. Your corn is really looking great especially your tomatoes. It looks like that you harvested many of your tomatoes.