Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ripening self-seeded tomatoes

The self-seeded tomatoes that grew from the fallen tomatoes from last year are just starting to ripen.

I planted quite a few varieties last year and many of them failed due to disease (it was a cool and damp summer last year), so it's interesting to see what is sprouting up. It's all a mystery until they ripen.

The yellow ones are a yellow variety and not under-ripe, although I might have been fooled into picking the elongated ones (at top-left) too early. I think they are meant to be red!


ace said...

wow, matt, magic tomatoes!!! lol. i'm green with envy. those tomatoes look healthy and nice.

i wish it were as easy to grow veggies in the backyard here. lucky canadians.

mattbg said...

ace, what's the problem growing them there? I thought it would have been easier seeing as we are under snow for about 4 months of the year :)